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And THIS is why I asked YOU to do my makeup on my wedding day...whenever it is...because you are the most passive makeup artist I know!! I respect and appreciate it and more importantly, you look SO MUCH PRETTIER because of it!! I remember being made up in Security Mall with my mother one time and I ended up in so much purple madness that I felt RIDICULOUS shopping after being made up! I looked pretty but I didn't even feel likeI could recreate what she did! was a horrible feeling and me made wanna buy NOTHING!


Amen! I was a sucker once at the Trish counter... left with so much they gave me a free bottle of perfume they felt so guilty. The only think I felt was worth it were about three brushes, and I never felt that I could return the metallic purple shadow or the sparkly gold highlighter...


Absolutely wonderful. This is so true. So many women are afraid of a makeup counter. This is great.


I think this is brilliant :) You are awesome and realistic about your job.

On the other hand, $500 of MAC makeup that gets tossed in the trash because of a return X_X Those MA's must hate you.


Really? The make-up gets thrown away even if it wasn't used? That sucks!


I ALWAYS say this to anyone when I know that they're going to go out to get more makeup. It's nice to hear a makeup artist say those same words. Lets hope that people listen. You need to know what you want so that you don't just buy everything they put in front of you. At worst, walk around and think about whether you actually need it and go back if you decide that you can't live without a certain product. At least give yourself a chance to think it through.


So true, walk in there prepared because they will get you trust. Great post Toya!!


For what it's worth, consultants at Sephora don't work on commission. In my store, at least, this translates to a much lower pressure environment. Also, makeup consultations are free, with no product purchase requirement. While it is frustrating if a client purchases nothing after a consultation, that's their prerogative and it doesn't matter much to me since there is no commission. I'd much rather have clients buying what they're actually going to use rather than take that $$ return. I avoid dept. stores like the plague because of how pushy salespeople can be - it's a total shopping turn-off to me.


Thank you for that clarification, Claire!

I really enjoy Sephora - it is heaven on earth! I have to say, though, I've found some pushy salespeople there, too, as well as some who seem to be offended when I say that I don't need any help. Well, I don't! I'm a professional make-up artist and a make-up junkie and I'm pretty well-versed on beauty products. If I need help, I'll ask - but I usually don't need any. I want the freedom to peruse the aisles and try out the products without hassle.


this is exactly how I work and it's so nice to finally hear another make-up artist with the same view towards customer service, Bravo!

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