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Brittany, your blog is a daily must-read. Love it!


Yay! Thank you PBW and especially to Toya for featuring me! I love my WOC bloggers!


ITS BRITTANY! HEY Girl! I love her blog also.It wasn't until I saw her post about the orange toned lipsticks that I went out and purchased a color similar too it, and you know what? We brown girls can do orange!
On another note, I told my friend about how I started using the skincare products that cleared my skin, which was advice from you. She has had acne for about fifteen years now, and now it is EVERYWHERE on her body.She is also starting to get black spots all over. She says she has tried everything, from drugstore products to prescriptions from doctors. It hurts me to see this issue bother her, so I told her I would do some research, and ask my fave beauty bloggers. Do you have any suggestions?


Wow, Ketrice! I'm so sorry to hear that about your friend! I really don't have any advice that I can give her, other than to seek out dermatologists, but it seems she may already have done that. Did she seek one that specializes in people of color's skin?


I will ask her that. THANKS!

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