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Lovely site! Keep up the good work!

I have only just found this reference to the Michelle O/New Yorker cartoon which I found very disturbing on so many levels. And their cry of 'We're just mocking the point of View of the Republicans' doesn't wash with me. It's just a sneakier, more pervasive form of racism.

And as for the 'fro they depicted her with - it makes a statement. Are we natural haired gals still seen as radical and subversive, and not like 'well behaved', 'conformist' (their attitude, not mine), straightened sisters?

I guess so. How sad. How backward. :-(


Thanks for your comment! I agree with you - those of us who rock our natural curly/kinky locks are still looked at askance, as if we are up to no good because we dare to love ourselves as we were made! I have to say, with great disappointment, that I *don't* think America has gotten to a point where we are ready to have a First Lady with natural hair. Large strides have been made that we have a Black man on the ticket, however, there are parameters in which he (and by extension, his wife and children) will have to stay in order to be palatable to a large portion of the American public.

I'm glad that you found my site and I hope you continue to visit!

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