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LOL that was he best part. Coming down the stairs with the highlighting foil and cape. I was cracking up.


You obviously have never been in the deep south. People of all colors have that "twang" some more than others. So don't judge. Hell people in Chicago have that accent and were born here.LOL!!!


I have been to the Deep South - I have relatives there and I'm there every year. He doesn't have a realistic southern accent, sorry. At least not in my mind. As for judging? That's kind of what I do - I'm a reviewer. And this is the "Hotter than Hell" series - the whole *point* is that I judge what I think is hot! And Stephen Moyer isn't it. Sorry! Different strokes for different folks!


HAHA! I love it!! I couldn't agree with you more chickadee!!

Alexander Skarsgård is THE perfect Eric!!

another hopelessly devoted Skarsgirl


Good googly moogly - I'm not a vampire fangirl, but this boy is hawt! (Although he kind of looks like his dad, Stellan Skarsgard, in some angles... not that it's a bad thing, since I crushed shamelessly on Stellan in Mamma Mia.)

Fun fact: I tracked down the video for Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" because of him. I... don't recommend the video, but I can say - that Alex should consider wearing less clothes more often. Delish.


Word? Hmm ... I must seek out this video.


Here's the partial version - Alex turns up (with an eyepatch!) at the 3:20 mark:

My access to most music videos have been limited since I moved overseas, but I have seen the extended version where he spends the first few minutes macking on Lady NoPants big time (it's also being shown on the music channels here) and all I could think of was, "Dude, if I was making out with that guy? I won't even care who's watching!"


You are AWESOME for sending me the link to this. I can't wait to watch it when I get home!


i am totally in love with this guy. i agree that he's way hotter as a vamp than the others. vampire bill does nothing for me except make me roll my eyes and laugh. i'm from mississippi and the accents on that show make me groan. they're so bad. we don't talk like that. the only accent even close to be being normal is lafayettes'.

they should have taped matthew mcconnahey's voice and made the actors listen to it repeatedly if they're going to do a good southern accent. jmo.


By the way, Toya: this entry from my blog? Was written for you! ;)

Lydia Bess Omen

Just stumbled on this blog searching for imgs of the dazzling Mr. Skarsgard and your assessment is just spot on! Sexy, glorious Eric- douchey, annoying Bill with the terrible accent- absolutely agree. Good to know that other people feel the same way.

I'm pretty sure Stephen Moyer's accent is so crappy because he's British which would be like me trying to emulate a Liverpool accent...from the 1800's. It also fades in and out I've noticed. Sometimes it's like he just forgets it's supposed to be an American Southern accent and just does straight American accent.


Hi Lydia! I'm glad you join me in my love for Eric. Check out my other blog to see even more odes to his fabulousness! (

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