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Great list, and I'm dying to try the Queen Helene -- love the line, love the price.


Ugh, you just reminded me how much I regret not snatching up the bb chocolate palette when I had the chance (and I had LOTS of chances!). I kept telling myself it's just a bunch of browns and I already have lots of browns. But deep inside I knew... (sigh).

I love this list -- I got to try the Smashbox foundation primer this year and I also think it's fabulous stuff. But now I think I must have the MAC blush and LM shimmer powder and... :)


I love your list! I've fixed your link url too btw. :)
Happy New Year!

Gaia, the non-blonde

The only reason the chocolate palette didn't make my top 10 (although I use it a few times a week) is that I'm annoyed with the lightest color, Bone). It doesn't show on my skin. At all. Is it visible on you?

Happy New Year!


Robin - You absolutely should try it! It offers great moisturization and is an awesome detangler.

Gigi - It is the best eye palette I own. I am so glad I jumped on that bandwagon.

Coquette - Thanks!

Gaia - The Bone does show on me. It's what I use as my highlight shade. I love it. I think that it's perfect because my skin is dark enough that it shows. It's probably just way too close to your skintone. Maybe try an even lighter shade?

Happy new year everyone!


My sister is just wild about the Full n Soft mascara, too - it's her holy grail mascara.

Everyone seems to love the Smashbox primer - I wish it worked better on my skin, but it just wasn't meant to be.

Kimora irks me, too, heh, but the glosses do sound awful nice. Perhaps I'll just overlook her involvement, hehe.

I somehow always forget about the Queen Helene line! QH makes a super reasonably priced mud mask I like, but I never thought about trying the other stuff. This is the most affordable lemming I've got thus far from reading these lists - thanks!

Victoria's Own

Gotta try that Queen Helene, I'm made some notes to check out your faves! Thanks, Happy New Year! - Victoria


fantastic list! i'm definitely going to check out that Studio Mist foundation (with fingers crossed that i won't be allergic) - i despise the feel of foundation!

happy new year :)


Love the MAC blush and the BB chocolate palette...great list!


Great list! The Studio Mist foundation sounds cool, but I'm curious - do you spray it on your face directly, or apply with a sponge?


Hi Beautychick!

I don't spray the Studio Mist directly onto my face. I find that using either a sponge or a foundation brush works. You either spray it onto your skin or a palette, then use the foundation brush to apply it to your freshly moisturized face. If using a sponge, moisten the sponge first (I spray the sponge with a Paul Mitchell moisturizing spray) then use the moistened sponge to apply the foundation to your face - you can spray the foundation directly onto the sponge. Using the brush gives about medium coverage, using the sponge gives sheerer coverage.

Hope you like it!


I've been nervous about spray foundation for that very reason, unsure of how to apply it. I might give it a try now. Love your list. Happy New Year!


Hey Toya!
I love your list!

The Maybelline Full and Soft mascara is a MUST HAVE. So good and so reasonable priced. Also that Bobbi Brown Chocolate Palette is gorgeous!

Thanks for your comment on my blog--I agree with you, CArol's Daughter Products are amazing!

Lovely New Year to you!

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