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I like that "make your own lookbook idea." Sounds like it would be fun to create and even more fun to look back and see how your style might have changed over time.


I love the lookbook idea! I use it for stealing new makeup styles to try.

I just started taking a digital pic of my outfit every morning right before I leave the house. After a week I've already noticed something interesting -- I have a lot of unflattering pieces in my closet that I always thought were really great. Maybe my body has changed or maybe my idea of style, but yikes! Time for spring cleaning!


Hi! I also want to make my own look book!
Can you give me some ideas on how to do it?
I am just starting to get into this whole fashion and style thing and its very exciting...


Hi Juanita!
It's really simple - just use a notebook that you like - mine is spiral, but has a pretty pattern on the front. Then, start looking around for ideas! I find lots of ideas as I'm flipping through magazines. It doesn't have to be an outfit, per se, but anything that inspires you. I have pictures of trees, flowers, paint chips, as well as pictures of purses, shoes, and clothes. All the different pictures give me a feeling for what I truly like - not just the things that are "on trend" at the moment. That's how I discovered that, although my favorite color is pink, I am drawn to earthier colors when it comes to clothing - therefore, I started incorporating more browns, foresty greens, deep reds and oranges to my wardrobe. Just go for what "feels" right to you and after a while, you'll see a pattern emerging.

A. James

Wow. Great tips. I'm also fairly new to fashion, and this will help a lot. See I have this problem where my style likes to stay inside my head and not spread into my wardrobe. It's very frustrating, so I'm trying to change it.



Hi A. James!
I'm glad the tips will be helpful for you! Let me know how it goes as you continue on your style journey. Thanks for reading and commenting!

wholesale clothing

This is an interesting article. Wish I had read this sooner.


Grady Dozal

I know this is a little bit late to comment on a blog from years ago, but let me just thank you for the tips. I'll share this to my sister who's having a hard time mixing and matching her clothes. I don't know what her problem is, but I think she'll know once she reads through this. Thanks again, Toya!

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