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AMEN! I'm with you on that one Toya!


I agree with you on point that tennis shoes are hideous for anything besides working out. However, I walk *a lot*--I don't own a car. I walked four miles today. These little flats are nowhere near comfortable or supportive enough to suffice. I don't want to ruin my feet and back because I'm focused more on style than health-promoting, comfy and supportive shoes. There's an epidemic of women who think heels and "cute" or "sexy" are more important than their health. This is scary!

Personally? I usually alternate between Doc Marten's Mary Janes, Earth sandals (with inverted heel), classic black Dansko's, some Saucony retro tennis shoes, and (dare I say it) a pair of CROCS for the days I'm literally going to be on my feet non-stop. My shoes definitely aren't the cutest or sexiest, but they are the most comfortable! I refuse to harm myself for the sake of "fashion."

I do have some heels and less-practical shoes for certain occasions that don't involve me walking long distances (if a date is going to pick me up, for example) but usually I go with one of the options above.


Hi Red! Thanks for your comment.

I agree that wearing ballerina flats aren't necessarily the best when you're walking long distances. In that instance, finding a pair of comfortable walking shoes are in order. My post is more directed at those women who wear their tennis shoes on the drive in to work or those who are walking from the bus stop to their job, which is close by.

It doesn't make sense to ruin your health for fashion and that's not something I would ever endorse. Being stupid isn't cute.

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