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lol, too funny! Smaller "children" aren't quite as fun. I use more of a "lock and load" method, lol.


I almost always sleep in a bra. As a buxom broad, rolling over in bed with loose boobies can sometimes be uncomfortable. Actually, there was a doctor on Oprah who said you actually get less sagging as you age if you sleep in a bra. So, even though my mom thinks it's odd, I'm going to keep rocking the bra to bed.


I'm a D cup and I ALWAYS do the bend over and shake the girls into place trick (my husband thinks it's hilarious) - that plus the right fitting bra gives a great shape.
So what's your favourite bra? I prefer the seamless contoured type over lace - hate the way it prickles! And once I find THE perfect bra I buy half a dozen of 'em :).


My very favorite is the Le Mystere Dream Tisha - I found about it when Oprah recommended it. If you haven't tried those bras, you *have* to!


hilarious! i like jazmin's description for her method.. lock and load...that sounds like what i do. once the 'trap' is on... i just lift them, to readjust in the cups, putting them in place.


The bra fitting ladies at Nordstrom changed my life. They sized me and when I finally put my children (LOL) into a 32D and I am so not kidding, the clouds parted and I think angels started singing. I had been wearing the completely wrong size (34B) for 12 years. TWELVE YEARS!

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