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Great list! I agree with everything on it! Especially the mint julep mask. That is one of the all time best value products in my opinion.


did you say "wait for it"? omg.. you are tooo much! lol nice list. i like the queen helen mint julep mask as well. my favorite toner is from that brand, but now i can't find it ANYWHERE. what a tragedy. during the summer i find that i need the toner with a bit of alcohol or non-moisturizing. during the winter, it will be all about moisturizing toner!


Thanks for thinking of us who are still building our collection and can't jump right into Nars and Bobbi Brown quite yet!! We really appreciate it!!


Completely agree that Maybelline Great Lash is awful. It pains me to think that sooooo many women must be using this mascara!


[...] Life of a Ladybug shares her list of beauty bargains[...]


I love NYX shadows. I have a trio in metallics that has a gold, a deep bronze/brown, and metallic reddish shade. I also have a trio with yellow, lime green, and an orange/melon shade. People ask me if the orange and yellow are MAC all the time.

Bionic Beauty

I totally agree with your review on the Maybelline Great Lash. My theory? It is a top seller just because people do not try anything else. I've found the Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Mascara to be fantastic!!
And Noxema makes a great cheapy fash wash, as well.


E.l.f. (eyeslipsface) has a ton of great stuff too. I swear, everything there is $1! Except for the mineral makeup, but they're still great value! I haven't tried them, but everyone says their brushes are great too.


Oh man thank you SO much for writing this all down. Thank you for telling us reliable products for students like me on a budget who can't always afford the products in Allure. I will definitely print this out for my next trip to the drugstore!


I'm glad you liked the list, Libby! Enjoy!

Terry Bayer

These beauty products can match those of the expensive kind! These are good for thrifty fashionistas who want to look awesome without hurting their wallet. It's impressive that you've already tried these products. The ones for the face are a bit delicate, because harsh products can really ruin it. But then, you have here the good ones for making the face beautiful; and bargain-friendly at that!

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