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These rock! And so creative and unusual. I wonder if my scraggly hair would hold one.

--the girl who stills uses scrunchies!


I think they would work just fine, Suzanna. They're really adjustable, so they can be as tight or as loose as you like. I would give it a try!


You are way too sweet. Thank you so much for purchasing Tomoka's Twists.

Suzanna, I just started my Sisterlocks over myself and with the help of a dear friend. My hair is super scraggly. I have been wearing the Tomoka's Twists on my pitiful ponytail with no problem. I'm so ashamed of how thin my hair is as compared to how it was that I haven't posted pictures.

Toya, thank you for your support! I do appreciate it. I will give you all the Tomoka's Twists (present and future) for your hair. OMG it's beautifully amazing.


Carmen! It's so great to "see" you here! I'm glad that you enjoyed the write-up on Tomoka's Twists. I love the ones I have and am happy to rock them - I was wearing the "Foxy Brown" one today. I hope you like my blog and continue to visit.


Greetings Tiny Toya,

I absolutely love your sistalocks. When you have a moment, I'd be honored if you'd check out our selection of sisterLoc Accessories.

Here's a 20% off coupon, if you find something of interest.



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