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I saw that and passed on it. I'm glad. Thanks for the review.


Girl, I wish I'd passed on it, too.


I just got mine in the mail and I think my brush may be makes this rattling noise (I assume it's the magnet inside the base of the brush head). Is it supposed to do that?


Mine makes the same rattling sound, Mary. I think that just might be the way it's made. How do you like the powder and the brush?


The magnet in the brush is "supposedly" supposed to suck the powder in so you use less and and have your powder last longer. I have never used a magnet brush so I don't know if this is true or not. I saw this same thing and was about to buy it but now that I read your post, I think I'll pass. Thanks for the tip!


I bought the brush and powder set on QVC. The rattling noise is the magnet in the base of the brush, it is a little reminder that it's working. I am in love with both products!! My face looks smooth and flawless without being cakey at all! Stop hating, this product rocks!


I have to say that I disagree with most of you. The brush is so soft and full, and the powder makes me look airbrushed! I use them both everyday over my foundation and i love it!


Thanks for that info, Jenn - I had no idea!

Arianna, I'm not "hating" at all, hon. I'm a beauty blogger - it's my job to say what I think about a product - honestly. There are always going to be those who agree and disagree with my reviews. I can appreciate yours without thinking that you're "hating" because you like something that I don't. Try it the other way around.

I'm glad that it works for you, Carey! Enjoy!


I have to disagree, I have used the MAC products and the Darac Beauty products (both brushes and powders) - The Darac brush feels amazing and leaves my skin with just the right amount of powder. The Blur powder leaves my skin looking like satin, kind of silky - not shiny or glittery (i hate) and not matte (too artificial) ... I really like this because it looks natural, and works on my hispanic skin tone - it really does 'blur' and doesn't feel dry or heavy ... I'm a fan! * And I think everyone's opinion counts so thanks to everyone for blogging!


This is awesome - I'm really glad to see that people have definite feelings about this product and I'm happy to read your comments. Please keep commenting away - I love hearing feedback.


I also rushed to order this product hoping it would give me the smooth and finished look it promised. I don't wear much makeup, and no foundation at all, so I had been searching for something light and natural looking. I am a brown girl, so I was shocked to see the color of the product in the case. It was demonstrated on brown skin on QVC, so I thought I would try it. I just received it a couple of days ago, and I plan to go home to play with it tonight....we'll see how it goes, but I am very skeptical.


I liked the powder and probably mainly I don't use it as a main foundation powder, just a finishing powder and it is great for that.

The magnet in the brush is used to attract the powder to the bristles. Powders have a magnetic base and magnets attract so the powder is supposed to adhere to the bristles better. If that is true or not (using a magnet in the brush handle) I don't know but they talk all about it on darac's website.


I'm loving Darac's Sifted Blur! It's a great base for my bronzer and blush (right now I'm loving tarte's "park avenue princess") and it gives me the greatest look in photos.

The brush is great. It gets just the right amount of product on (and keeps me from over doing it!). Can't wait for Darac to come out with more product.


I agree with lexi44, Darac's Sifted Blur has really worked out well for me! It was interesting what Toya said about the oil factor. After watching it on QVC a few months ago, I bought both objects for both me and my teenage daughter. I have very dry skin, and I found that putting ontop of my foundation and bronzer that it looked flawless and it felt so soft and silky! However, my daughter who has very oily skin found that just one layer is not enough because she still oked shiny, so my recommendation is use more layers and it will look just as good! I heard that Darac is going to be coming out with some new stuff and I can't wait, I love it!

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