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I'm not sure why, but my new favorite blush right now is MAC Sweetness from their Beauty Powder collection. It's the "must" hot pink for spring!


Lilan! I'm wearing Sweetness today! LOL! It is a fab hot pink!


I'm into luminizers (as a makeup base) only because I feel like my face prior to makeup looks dull & lifeless. I've tried MAC's Strobe Cream (too thick & greasy), Stila's (too razzly dazzly) and Chanel's (so far the best, but pricy & a small amount of product for the money) - so I am welcome for any new suggestions ladies.


i guess i'm into everything!

toya and lilan-- how do i justify buying sweetness when i have the fafi blushes and dollymix... one more bright blush @ $17.50?

i love luminizers as well. i've heard great things about the chanel foundation base, but i'm such a sucker for them, i'll find all ways to wear them!


I'm rocking the metallics these days: eyes and nails, mostly.

I also love nude lippies. Honolulu honey is great. I also like NARS Chelsea Girl lip lacquer but it's more of a pinkish nude.


Blue nail polish! I have a whole case full of other colors I'm neglecting, but the predominate color range is blue. I'm all blue, all the time, though I may try one of the new oranges on my toes. Or maybe not!


my thing of the moment is blushes!!
I loooooove them!

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