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Hi! I found an article related to “Beauty and Health” in your site.
I am interested in your site very much
I want to often visit your site from now on.
Japanese I am interested in a diet, health ,beauty too.


I love Stila bronzer.I have it in shade 2 and a friend of mine recommends shade 3 which is sadly discontinued!!

I love bronzers and recently blogged about them! I'll be looking forward to reading your recommendations!!

Fashion's Darling


I love you

Seriously though everytime I try to find a bronzer I end up looking to ashy or way too light (as you've said so well) I will definitely be going to sephora to look for Stila (I do love Stila they have the most perfect pink "Enticing"...)

But part of me wants to wait until you've gone through the other bronzers.

I've only found one that's good and that's Benefit's "Talk to the Tan" which actually looks really good on my skin, blends easily, and doesn't make me look plain scary.



Stila Shade 2 is fantastic. One of my faves.


Stila Shade 2 is fantastic. One of my faves.


Ohhh, I've been hearing great things about Stila' bronzers.

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