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Ladybug Lovers

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Tiffany way! Sounds like a bunch of bull...somethin else! Proven or not...I wouldn't do it. Sperm is sperm...and sure wouldn't want that all in my hair. Ewww.


hell naaaaw
just nasty!


I don't care if it has gold in it, or how soft it would make my hair. I'd shave my head bald first. What I wanna know is who in the world thought of trying it out in the first place? People will try to market & sell anything!


uuuuuuuum ack

Liz W

um.. no.. I am desperate, but not THAT desperate.

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It's supposed to penetrate the hair and gives body and shine when activated by the heat of a blowout.

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what a fantastic idea for the fishing tin - My hubby would love that. The best handmade gift I received was a Christmas card my husband surprised me with. He snuck into my craft room and got busy with my supplies - I was shocked to say the least and I will treasure it forever :)

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Your timing is perfect. I've been seriously considering a solid blog re-vamp and this is just what I need! Thanks for sharing:)

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Inspiring post. I believe anything and everything that comes to us - good or bad - are gifts that we deserve. We may not think of it as a gift at the exact moment it comes to
us. But sooner or later, it shows itself as the blessing it really is.

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The idea is good. Nothing is wrong in that, but where will you get that. Getting it from Bull? Isn't it a difficult task? What you say?

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I am not sure where did they get this idea. Is it true on its effect?

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He he he lols. Are u a nit. People are so crazy i don't believe. Why one can give a thought to such things well what if i post an article saying some bla bla bla.. will people start following that too.

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yes, yes i would. i think it would feel amazing<3

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Appellate Judge Posner wasn't pissing; young Milton wasn't pissing and I am not pissing. That is where your claim . . . falls to the ground.

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